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The heat resistance aspect of venting hose also comes into play by abating the friction heat that can be caused by the transfer of material and abrasives. Both temperature and chemical resistances are vital to the success of many types of ventilation ducting because they allow the flexible ducts to function without risk of damage.

Sometimes you may find that a direct path to an ambient air source is not available. In these situations it is essential that ventilation ducting be flexible enough to reach the desired location without restricting airflow in the vent hoses. We have several flex ducts made out of fiberglass, PVC, or polyester materials that are perfect for kink free maneuvering. Not only do we offer flexible venting hose, but also several of our products are designed for portability. The portability of the product makes for a great financial value as the ducting is interchangeable between multiple ventilating devices and can easily be transported to and from several locations.

When ventilating heavy volumes of air, smoke, and chemicals, it is important that vent hoses be durable and resistant to outside elements. We offer several options of durability with venting products. Our metal flex ducts feature great crush resistance and we also offer insulated and double-ply ducts to prevent from both interior and exterior abrasions. For the products designed for transportation, wear strips are available to protect from dragging against rough materials with dirt and rocks. With ventilation ducting, it is obvious just how detrimental an effect unwanted tears and punctures can have. Accidentally released fumes, gasses, or chemicals can have a severely negative effect on your work environment or home. Therein lays the importance of wear strips and overall ventilation ducting durability.

We understand that every one of our consumers has their own unique needs. The breadth of possible ventilation ducting applications in the world means that you also need to have at hand just as wide a range of ducting attachments; fortunately, we’ve got your back. To better suit your individual ventilation ducting situations, we offer a range of accessories which can be used to outfit and complement your flex ducting situations. For instance, J-locks are a commonly implemented type of attachment designed to provide an easily locked and unlocked connection point for separate lengths of ducting.

Ventilation flexible ducts are a critical component of homes and workplaces everywhere and –no matter what your occupation or living situation- you are sure to come across them. However, navigating the many various types of ventilation ducting on the market can be at times confusing, so it is always best to do your research. Browse through our online inventory today to find flex ducting that offers the perfect combination of durability, flexibility, chemical and heat resistance necessary for your demanding jobs. Also, give one of our ducting experts today for direct assistance or more information on ducting in general, and find the right product today!