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Automotive Vacuum Hose

Durable, Abrasion Resistant Flex Ducts

Automotive vacuum hose products take a beating. Cars can be messy places filled with dirt, sand, food, trash and all kinds of items that we take into our cars on a daily basis. While many people might not think twice about these common everyday things as being harmful, to a car vacuum hose these materials can cause devastating damage if the hose is not made of durable materials or capable of achieving full vacuum. Car wash vacuum hoses that are capable of reaching full vacuum are essential to the car service industry and must achieve a very particular vacuum standard to be a valuable part of a car wash service.

The quality of a vacuum is based upon how close a vacuum is to reaching the state of perfect vacuum. A perfect vacuum is an environment that consists of absolutely zero matter. While it is technically impossible to reach a state of zero matter, vacuums are rated on how closely they can reach perfect vacuum status. Our commercial automotive vacuum hose products are designed to reach full vacuum and be resistant to abrasive materials that can create punctures in the hose that can result in a loss in the vacuum rating. Both of these vacuum hoses have excellent suction capabilities and are listed as capable of full vacuum abilities.

Having a vacuum that reaches full vacuum is essential in picking up all the fine pieces of litter and dirt that we want removed from an automobile. To understand the importance of reaching full vacuum, we need to first understand exactly what that term means. Full vacuum refers to the amount of pressure that exists inside the automotive vacuum hose. In order to be considered full vacuum, the internal pressure of the hose must be below the atmospheric pressure surrounding the hose. This pressure is measured in PSIV (pound per square inch vacuum). The internal hose pressure can be greatly sacrificed if any abrasive materials damage a hose while vacuuming. When abrasions occur to the hose material, it can cause a leak that will ruin the suction capabilities because of the pressure from the hose coming into contact with the atmospheric pressure levels outside.

People visit full-service car washes for the convenience and comfort of knowing that their vehicle is getting a professional clean. One of the key expectations that a customer has is to have the interior of their cars immaculately vacuumed and cleaned. To match customer expectations, most full-service carwashes feature multiple motor vacuum appliances to provide high amounts of suction to reach the altitude requirements of all kinds of locations. Unfortunately, you can only have 20 motors running a vacuum, but if the car vacuum hose is incapable of reaching and maintaining full vacuum levels then it will not perform a quality job and will leave behind large amounts of dirt and litter. The construction of the car wash vacuum hose products that we offer allow the hoses to work efficiently in the demanding full-service car wash industry and other fields.

Car vacuum hose products are commonly used in work fields that feature harsh and abusive environments. Self-service carwash facilities are gaining in popularity for their affordability, convenience, and long operating hours. Customers come and go at their will and clean their own cars using professional equipment without the hassle of waiting in lines at a local full-service carwash. Since the handheld car wash vacuums are used constantly throughout the day, the hoses go through a lot of abuse. The hoses are stretched, twisted, kinked, ran over and played with by children and animals that accompany the customers to the car wash.

Obviously, such abuse is not good for the vacuum abilities of the hose and the constant kinking and twisting can be devastating to a low quality hose that is not designed with materials to handle the heavy traffic associated with self-service carwashes. Our commercial car wash vacuum hose products are designed with materials ideal for working in high-traffic environments. These hoses are made of polyethylene and feature a poly helix. This construction provides the hoses with excellent resistance to being dragged across the ground and other forms of abuse that are common to hand held vacuum hoses.

Self-service carwashes that are located in outdoor environments present a new set of hazards to hosing material. The intense heat and UV rays that consistently beat down on the hoses have detrimental effects to the durability of the hose materials. The intense heat and radiation given off by the sun’s UV rays can break down the outer layers of automotive vacuum hose products, making them more likely to be damaged and split during use. Thankfully, our hoses are designed to be resistant to the harmful effects of the sun and will provide you with a long lifetime of vehicle vacuuming.

It is important to purchase high-quality automotive vacuum hose products for your car washing business. Spending less money on a lower quality product can lead to much greater expenses down the road. Not only would you have to pay to replace the hose, but the resulting downtime would be extremely costly as well. The average price for a basic full-service car wash ranges from fifteen to thirty dollars and customers often pay hundreds for full-detailed car washes. If a low quality hose were to break while vacuuming the materials inside a car, it would cost exponentially more money than purchasing a high-quality and dependable hose.

A broken car wash vacuum hose could result in the loss of dozens of customers in a day and potentially cost thousands of dollars in lost business. This loss in revenue can easily be avoided by purchasing a durable and dependable hose that has proven to work exceptionally well and will save you money in the cost of repairs and downtime.

The abuse that a car wash vacuum hose will go through on a daily basis is substantial, whether it is used by the public in a twenty-four hour self-service car wash, or by a professional in a full-service carwash. Due to all the potential movement and exposure to abrasive materials, it is essential that a quality car vacuum hose be used to maintain its full vacuum capabilities and efficiently collect all kinds of dirt and litter found within automobiles. To ensure that you have the best product for your car washing services, we provide top of the line automotive vacuum hose products to handle all of the durability, flexibility, and reliability needs of the car wash business.