Hose Types

A Flexible Hose For…? – Here is a List of Applications

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Need a flexible hose for a specific application but not quite sure where to start? Take a look through some of our hose recommendations for the applications described below.

Agricultural Applications – If you are moving grain or other bulk materials, you need a hose that is durable and abrasion resistant. The flexible duct and hoses used for agricultural use need to be tough and durable. It is also a good idea for the hoses to have a smooth interior so that they can maintain efficient airflow. A good hose for agricultural applications is the “Smooth-Tube PU” smooth bore material handling hose.

Anti-Static Hoses – Static electricity is hazardous when it is allowed to build up. Static can occur when a physical object is scraped along the interior wall of the hose. Too much static brings the risk of resulting in and explosion and possible fire damage. For any application that requires an anti-static flex hose, you need to use one specifically designed to reduce friction. The “Neoprene Flex Conductive” Static Dissipative Hose is one example of a hose designed for anti-static applications.

Automotive Hose – There are lots of hose products used in automotive applications, from high temperature, to fresh air movement to vacuum hose products. When using flexible ducting under the engine compartment, a flexible hose for automotive applications needs to be able to operate in high temperatures and maintain efficient airflow. Hose made from materials such as silicone are often safe bets for automotive applications, such as the “Silico-550 Double-Ply” high temperature hoses.

“Air Ventilator White”

Temperature Range: -20°F to +180°F Sizes I.D. (in.): 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, & 24

“PE Flex STM”

Lead Time 4-6 Weeks Temperature Range: -40°F to +160°F Sizes I.D. (in.): 1.5 & 2

“Smooth Tube PU”

Temperature Range: -40°F to +200°F Sizes I.D. (in.): 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 12

“SS-Flex 800”

Lead Time 4-6 Weeks Temperature Range: up to 800°F Sizes I.D. (in.): 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,& 12

Car Vacuum Hose – Whenever you go to a carwash, chances are likely that you will see hoses vacuuming the inside sections. These duct hoses need to be flexible and capable of great rates of suction. The “PE Flex STM” flexible vacuum hoses are well suited for car vacuum purposes. In addition, these hose products get a lot of abrasion from the debris moved, as well as the contact with the pavement when the flex hose is dragged. Durability in a car wash vacuum hose is paramount.

Chimney Ducts – A flexible hose for a chimney duct must be made from a metal compound due to all the corrosion involved within chimneys. High temperatures and hazardous materials are constantly moving through a chimney duct, so it needs to be able to survive such contact for long term use. Hoses made from aluminum and stainless steel are very popular for these applications, such as the “SS-Flex 800” Stainless Steel Hose.

air ventilator white

Dehumidifier Ducts – Often used on dehumidifier machines and systems, these flexible hoses help remove excessive moisture from the air in a given space. Dehumidification applications also require a certain level of temperature control and flex hoses designed for insulation can help maintain the required temp levels in a room. The “Air Ventilator Insulated” ventilation ducts are a good example of hoses used for dehumidification. PVC flex hoses, like the PVC Flexduct General Purpose Clear, are a great secondary choice, especially when aesthetics and budget are a factor.

Drain Ducts – If you need to drain away excess liquids or materials in a gravity-fed operation, use a hose that has a solid body structure made from PVC or polyethylene. The “PVC Flexduct Medium Duty Clear” or the “PVC Flexduct General Purpose Clear” are a good hose for such an application.

Dryer Ducts – Flexible hoses are used in industrial dryer systems to blow high temperature air at objects that are present within the machine. These applications call for consistent and uninterrupted air flow. It is recommended to have a flexible hose for this application that can withstand elevated temperatures over a long term period of contact. A good example is the “Acrylic Flex 325 Air Handler” high temperature ducting.

Duct Cleaning Hose – Interior ductwork can get very dirty over time. Dust, dander, and pollen are the usual suspects that clog and contaminate interior ventilation systems. A flexible hose for cleaning these ducting systems needs to be able to move air in both positive and negative pressure. In other words, it should suck and blow air efficiently. The “Urethane Flex Light-Duty” polyurethane hoses are great for these applications.

Dust Collection Hose – Dust is actually a loose term used to describe small particulate material that ranges in form from fine wood dust to dirt clumps and wood chips.

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A flexible hose for dust collection usage should ideally be clear bodied so that you can easily see if any clogs/blockages occur. The hose wall of the ducting should also be tough and durable. For an application like dust collection, the “ Urethane Flex Medium Duty” is one of the more popular options available.

Exhaust Ducts – Whenever it comes to a heavy-duty industrial grade fume exhaust application, you need a durable hose that can withstand chemical contact. The fumes are often chemical and harmful to humans and can reach temperatures going beyond normal levels, often into the 500° F mark. One of the best high performance flexible hose for this application is the “Spiral-Lock Alum FG 1250” high temperature fiberglass hose.