Metric Hoses

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For light-duty applications that require a great deal of flexibility we offer fabric hoses that can be cut into custom metric sizes. Many of our fabric hoses are dipped in polymers, like neoprene or PVC, to add extra wear-resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasion. Though designed for primarily light-duty applications, these metric hoses are still purpose-built to be resilient and capable of withstanding all types of damaging elements. Whether you are faced with harsh fumes, chemicals, or weather, the right kind of flexible hoses can stand up to all challengers. These lightweight metric hoses are often used for air transfer applications that require a hose to be transferred between locations and different ventilation devices. Metric fabric hoses are a great choice when using imported equipment to ensure that you are using a properly sized hose.

Our metric ducting products are available in a large range of sizes. The typical metric size range available for our products is 40mm to 300mm. Minimum order requirements may apply to various flexible hose products. In addition to thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, polyester/neoprene, and polyester/PVC, we also offer Metric ducting in blue PVC and clear PVC which happens to be an FDA approved grade of flexible hose. Colored commercial hoses are often utilized for their aesthetic qualities, or are utilized to distinguish certain types of hoses from others (i.e. for easily identifying which factory pipes are for electrical vs. chemical, etc.) In addition, clear metric hoses are popular because they allow inspectors to easily identify clogged and blocked parts of your flexible hose, allowing for quick maintenance response and servicing.

As is the case with hoses that utilize the imperial system, metric hoses can be outfitted with an array of accessories to increase their overall efficiency. Enlarged and reduced sized cuffs are especially desired for the ability to connect lengths of flex ducting that possess different sized ends. This feature can be especially useful for air-handling systems that need to transfer ambient air from large rooms to smaller ones.

In sum, metric hoses are used for the exact same types of situations that imperial hoses are used for and you should not be surprised if you find metric ducting in your farm or factory devices. Our online catalog features a detailed listing of all of our products that are available in metric sizes. Since Metric ducting is custom made, it would best suit clients to contact sales staff, so that the scope of their needs is more intently discussed. We know that selecting the right type of metric hoses can sometimes be difficult so do not hesitate: our flexible hose experts are here to help, please contact us at 1-800-370-9152 during standard business hours.