Fume Exhaust

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Another, perhaps more readily recognizable, example of a fume exhaust application is in the venting of automobile fumes. Automobiles generate a potentially dangerous cocktail mixture of gases that need to be handled in a safe and effective manner in order to ensure the safety of the car’s occupants, as well as protect the car from unintended damage. To this end, a well-built and reliable fume extraction system can provide the perfect means of ventilating an automobile.

Our fume exhaust hoses offer many options for resistance to a variety of emissions and exhausts. PVC, rubber, and urethane duct hose products provide excellent chemical and exterior wear resistance. This adds durability to the fume duct in environments where the hose is abused from the exterior and the media passing through the flex duct. This durability and resistance is crucial to the successful functioning of the lightweight hose as, of course, flex ducting that is ruptured or torn will not be able to transport gases and fumes as effectively as its unbroken counterparts. Our Spiral-Lock series of flex duct products features many different types of material coating to protect against harsh fumes and chemicals emitted by industrial applications. Hypalon coated chemical hoses are available for applications that require a light-weight duct hose that are affordable. For more sophisticated chemical hoses resistant to industrial fumes, the Spiral-Lock series has Teflon and Silicone coated fabrics. The coating of these fume exhaust ducts ensures that they will remain serviceable and strong throughout the course of their natural lives.

For applications that require an extremely durable fume extraction system, we offer a selection of stainless steel hoses. The stainless steel construction of the fume duct makes these hose products extremely resistant to the corrosive characteristics of many of today’s harshest emissions. Our stainless steel fume exhaust hoses are also some of our most heat-resistant with the ability to resist temperatures up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with their excellent heat and chemical resistance capabilities, the stainless fume duct can also be bent and shaped into a self-supporting air vent to provide optimum durability and stability. The resistant characteristics and durability of stainless steel make these hoses ideal for corrosive environments.

Dealing with fume exhaust can be a potentially hazardous endeavor. That is why it is critical to have the right kind of fume extraction system installed in the places where you need it most. Ducting.com features a detailed catalog to provide you with information on all of our products designed to support a fume extraction system. Browse through our online inventory today to find the ducting product that will meet the demands of your application. Ducting specialists are available to assist you with any questions you may have!