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Leaf Vac Hose

Lawns, gardens, and orchards are everywhere. They surround homes, they make up parks, and they decorate and give life to cities and towns throughout the nation. According to the Chicago Tribune, there are more than 40 million acres of lawn in the continental United States. NASA estimates, derived from satellite mapping, state that turf grasses occupy 1.9 percent of the North American surface. With so much landscaping all around us, it is only natural that we should do our best to make it look as good as possible. Fortunately, there exists the commercial leaf collection equipment for the professionals and residential lawn vac which have the crucial piece, a leaf vac hose. When combined with industrial strength tractor or truck chassis, the commercial lawn vacuum hose is a formidable tool in your arsenal when it comes to removing wayward leafs and landscaping refuse.

Landscaping businesses throughout the nation stake their fortunes stake their fortunes on their ability to safely and effectively remove leaves, trash, plastic bottles, clippings, and other forms of debris. The premier way of doing this is through the implementation of ducting combined with powerful engines (some machines possess engines with up to 80 horsepower!) Many businesses rely on polyurethane yard vacuum hose because of the material’s intrinsic ability to channel airflow and resist abrasive damage. Polyurethane is a tough material, capable of absorbing damage, yet all the while remaining relatively flexible and bendy. This aspect is an advantage over other types of less moveable leaf vac hose (stainless steel, etc.) whose ultra-resilient constitution limits their mobility.

For commercial applications, it is quite common for businesses to utilize a lawn vacuum hose of larger ID sizes. When you are talking about absorbing potentially hundreds of pounds of leaves and refuse at one time, it becomes clear why having as large of flex pips as possible would be an advantage. It is not in any way fare for a full-sized commercial leaf vac hose to be made from 10” duct (12” duct being extremely commonplace, as well). In a business where piping clogs and blockages can seriously hamper your work out put, it is easy to see why landscapers everywhere are thankful for large-sized, reinforced hose. In addition clear PVC and polyurethane hoses are available in order to visually point out clogs.

It should be noted, however, that the larger your leaf vac hose, the more force you will need to produce in order to generate high levels of suction. That is why commercial yard vacuum hose machines generally incorporate gasoline or diesel, high horsepower engines into their machines, to make sure they have the force needed to absorb and remove all manner of troublesome refuse. Naturally, if you have larger round duct, you are going to need a larger engine and more powerful machine (and a larger chassis to house that engine and its accompanying parts). This great size is truly the differentiator between “commercial” machines and “residential” ones.

Here are some material options for Lawn Vacuum Hose products:

Rubber leaf vac hose products are affordable, offer good abrasion resistance, have modest flexibility, and offer an external wearstrips which will help from external wear when the hose is moved around. This is by far the most popular lawn vacuum hose we offer!

Polyurethane leaf vac hose products are far more abrasion resistant, can be purchased in black or clear, are available in a variety of wall thicknesses going from light duty to extra heavy duty. This is a type of duct you would choose if you are a commercial operation.

PVC lawn vacuum hoses are the most affordable and the least abrasion resistant. This is a hose you would choose if you are on a budget.

As with residential applications of heavy-duty hose machines for landscaping, commercial duct devices are constantly evolving. Quieter, more efficient, more fuel-efficient vacs are being made every day. Keep abreast of the changes in both the machinery and the ducting so that you have a current, comprehensive idea of how to best meet your own lawn vacuum hose needs in an affordable and effective manner.