Pool Vacuum Hose

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As the occurrence and frequency of pools (commercial and residential) has continued to spread throughout the United States, so too has the use of the pool vacuum hose . Purposefully designed for use in home and public pools everywhere, the pool vac hose has become a staple sight in virtually any poolside locale. Though unassuming in appearance, these flex hoses fulfill a very critical need common to all pools: keeping them clean and safe. The pool vacuum hose collection duct is essential to these aquatic environments because even the most well-maintained and chlorine-filled pools can still be susceptible to invasions by microbe infiltrators and human refuse (glass, paper, plastics, etc.) By learning all that you can about the product, you can make certain that you purchase the right pool vac hose for you, the consumer.

Used in a variety of circumstance such as sewer and waste disposal, water treatment, and chemical transportation, it is important that these hose be effective, cost-effective, and reusable. That is why they are, in most cases, made from polyethylene.

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Sizes I.D. (in.): 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, & 20

“PE Flex STM”

Lead Time 4-6 Weeks Temperature Range: -40°F to +160°F Sizes I.D. (in.): 1.5 & 2

“PE Flex Full-Vac”

Lead Time 4-6 Weeks Temperature Range: -40°F to +140°F Sizes I.D. (in.): 1.5, 2, 3, & 4

“PE Flex Plus”

Lead Time 4-6 Weeks Temperature Range: -40°F to +140°F Sizes I.D. (in.): 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5, & 3

Polyethylene is one of the most common materials utilized in the construction of the pool vacuum hose, for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that –given the nature of the environment wherein they typically operate- these flex hoses are designed to be water-resistant. This waterproofing allows these hoses to be long-lasting and allows you to get as much use out of the round duct as possible..

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Secondly, this type of flexible ducting is generally highly crush resistant; meaning accidental trampling by wayward feet will have little effect on these pool hoses. An additional benefit of this collection duct is its excellent flexibility. This high degree of adjustability allows consumers to positions these flex hoses in whatever configuration they like, and provides them with the means to reach all areas of the pool with ease. The smooth and sleek construction of the pool vac hose also aides in preventing any kinking or bunching of the hose segments.

Taking into account the purpose of the pool vacuum hose, it is clear that breaks or leakage can be highly detrimental to their performance and, therefore, the water quality of the pool itself. Fortunately, these flex hoses are as durable as they are flexible, and come installed with leak proof poly-weld cuffs on each end for secure attachment to the vacuum motors themselves. What’s more, these flexible ducts are year-round products because they can operate in conditions as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit to up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Blistering cold or scorching hot, these hoses will function well without losing virtually any flexibility.

When it comes to purchasing the pool vac hose itself, most retailers will offer the flex hoses in 25 or 50 foot lengths, which should satisfy pools of most residential or light commercial size. In addition, most pool vacuum hose are available with interior diameters of 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 inch length. Generally, the smaller the interior diameter of the hose, the more suction power it will be able to generate. However, either of these sizes should function extraordinarily well in pools of almost any size. Check with your ducting specialist to determine the right collection duct size for your needs.

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For all your aquatic cleaning and filtering applications, especially residential and commercial pool maintenance and upkeep, consider utilizing the pool vac hose. The plethora of benefits and cost-effective price point make for a deal that is just too good to pass up for those who value their pool’s well-being.