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Need Help?, a Rubber-Cal Brand, is America’s premier authority for all of your flexible ducting and industrial hose needs. As a trusted purveyor of flexible hose products since 1994, we specialize in durable, affordable hoses for air ventilation, solid waste, material handling, industrial exhaust, high temperature ventilation, and abrasive transfer applications. Our stocked inventory includes a vast selection of hoses made from versatile, long-lasting materials in I.D. Sizes from 3/4" to 24” hoses. This means fast and effective delivery to your facility. Best of all, our flexible ducting experts are ready to help you with your purchase. Are you just getting your project off the ground? Let our flexible hose specialists help educate you on the possibilities for your application, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Browse’s online catalog organized by the most popular industrial hose applications and hose materials. Within our complete line of flex hoses, we offer products designed for use in large-scale air ventilation systems such as the HVAC air ducts in large commercial and industrial buildings. We provide large diameter hoses that are custom made in length and in inside diameter sizes up to 60 inch! Our products are used in a bevy of applications such as: ventilation ducting, food grade hose, dust collection hose, portable AC hoses, fume exhaust hose, and street sweeper hose. Whether you are moving air, chemical fumes, abrasives, bulk materials, or high temperatures we have the right hose for your needs.'s line of flexible hose also includes many different types of hose materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, Teflon, Hypalon, Thermoplastic rubber, PVC, and more. By offering a diverse catalog of products, we strive to provide you with the most complete sampling of ducting products so that you can make an informed, cost conscious decision when shopping for industrial hose equipment.

Looking for specialized drain ducts or other flex hoses to handle solid waste? Our material handling hoses include a versatile selection of anti-static hoses, dryer ducts, dust collection hoses, suction hoses, and more. Our line of durable ducting products also includes those flex hoses designed specifically for use in high-temperature applications such as chimney ducts and furnaces, as well as abrasives transfer in street sweepers and car vacuums.

We know you're on a budget and we want to help! When you purchase a flexible hose from, you are getting a resilient product quickly and at an affordable price. By stocking and shipping every flex ducting product we sell, we are able to fulfill most orders in a timely manner and with great efficiency. On a tight schedule? Our flexible ducting products – and even our flex hose samples – are fulfilled and shipped faster than at any other company in the industry and at very affordable rates!, backed by Rubber-Cal’s impeccable attention to quality, offers warranties on all of our products to give you greater security with your purchase, and our in-house quality control is driven by our goal of providing quality customer service and shipping with every single order.

At, we guarantee you'll receive a superior level of customer service from our knowledgeable ducting experts with every call, email, purchase, or inquiry. While our site is designed to be easy to use and accessible, we are always happy to speak with you personally. We understand that picking the right ducting option for your unique needs can be a tedious and difficult process. Whether you are looking for ventilation ducting, food grade hose, dust collection hose, portable AC hoses, fume exhaust hose, street sweeper hose. We're here to help!

We guarantee you'll enjoy the experience provided to you by's unbeatable team of experts!

What’s New in September

With the passing of August and the arrival of September, summer is just about to draw to a close. However, this is the perfect time to get great suction hoses for flexible material handling and air conditioning duct units. In case you need to get some serious street sweeping done, make sure to check out our line of sweeper parts. It is fall and though the weather is mild across the country, our highways and roads are littered with falling leaves.

Klear Flex Sweeper Hoses: Of all the sweeper parts that contribute to the proper functioning of a street sweeper vehicle, one of the most important is the sweeper hose. The “Klear Flex” hose is an excellent option for you in case you are looking for a new hose for your sweeper. It is durable and heavy-duty, able to handle the rigors of physically abrasive materials. One huge benefit about these suction hoses is that they come with a clear body, meaning that you can actually see the materials going through the hose.

PE Flex STM Flexible Vacuum Hoses: These flexible material handling hoses are great for light duty applications. These attractive hoses come in either orange or blue options and are made with a polyethylene copolymer. They are very flexible, giving you the ability to use them in tight areas with ease. Thanks to their sturdy polyethylene material, they feature a good level of abrasion resistance. Best of all, these suction hoses have a smooth interior that helps to maximize efficient air flow.

HVAC Insulated-Flex Ducting: If you have been on the lookout for a good HVAC air duct, you can stop your search. This insulated air conditioning duct is very well suited to applications involving air ventilation and dehumidification. This ductwork is made with 2 plies of aluminum foil and PET film layers insulated with a glass wool material. This provides the duct with a better degree of insulation against both temperature and acoustics! Best of all, this is a portable hose that can be moved around from project to project as needed.

August 2014 updates

“Acrylic Flex 325” High Temperature Duct: This flexible air ducting is designed for use in air movement applications that will see temperatures reaching as high as 325° F. It is made of a single-ply acrylic coated polyester fabric and is reinforced with a spring steel wire helix. As an added bonus, this high temperature flexible hose is listed as UL 94 V-0 flame retardant, meaning that it will extinguish any flames on its body faster than most other ordinary hoses.

“Spiral-Lock (Alum FG) 1250” High Temperature Hose: This is a beautiful flexible hose made of a single-ply aluminum silver fiberglass fabric. It has been crimped in a continuous pattern to allow for better compressibility. As far as flexible ductwork for high temperature applications are concerned, this hose is one of the best. It can endure it temperatures that reach up to 1250°

“PE Flex Vaculoop” Vacuum Hose: If you need to install new flexible air ducting, then consider the “PE Flex Vaculoop”. This flexible hose is ideal for air and materials transfer. It is made from a lightweight gray-colored polyethylene copolymer, which is further reinforced with a polyethylene helix. This helps to give the hose a bit more stability and durability. It is actually fairly crush-resistant when compared to other types of ducting.

July 2014 updates

August may still be a summer month, but that does not mean your flexible hose needs are on hold. The heat may mean that you need new flexible ductwork to put in. Luckily, this month we have excellent deals going on for flexible air ducting. Need a high temperature flexible hose to handle harsh hot temperatures? Check. Need a good flex hose for vacuuming materials? Check. Come see the new sales we have going on for August!

Goodbye June, hello July! This is an exciting month with festive 4th of July celebrations scheduled around the country. To help make your whole month easier, we are offering great deals of several flexible hose items for your ventilation applications. If you want a good aluminum flexible duct or a dependable PVC flexible hose, we have you covered! July is supposed to be a fun time for everyone, so check out what we have in order to make your life more fun and easy.

Aluminum Flex 400 Hi-Temp Hose: Made of aluminum, these flexible air ducts are built to operate in conditions that see high temperatures. This aluminum flexible duct has a working temperature range of between -100° F and 400° F. Whether the job is super cold or super hot, this metallic hose is sturdy enough to get things done. These also come with hose connectors so that they install easily without any trouble.

PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Clear Hose: Lightweight and see-through, this PVC flexible hose uses a spring steel wire helix within its body to give it a sturdy frame and allows for better compressibility. Since it is made using PVC material, this flexible hose is good at resisting the damaging effects of chemicals and moisture. This material makes it ideal for transferring away chemical fumes. It has a working temperature range that goes from -20° F to 160° F, making it better suited to lighter-duty applications.

Silico-Fiberglass 550 Flex Duct: These flexible air ducts are lightweight and red in color. Thanks to the silicone material that makes them, they are highly resistant to extreme temperatures. They can operate well within temperatures from -65° F on the low end and up to 550° F on the higher end. In fact, this hose takes its name from the highest temperature point that this ducting can operate in. As an added bonus, this flexible hose is a vivid red in color.