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Need Help?, a Rubber-Cal Brand, is America’s premier authority for all of your flexible ducting and industrial hose needs. As a trusted purveyor of flexible hose products since 1994, we specialize in durable, affordable hoses for air ventilation, solid waste, material handling, industrial exhaust, high temperature ventilation, and abrasive transfer applications. Our stocked inventory includes a vast selection of hoses made from versatile, long-lasting materials in I.D. Sizes from 3/4" to 24” hoses. This means fast and effective delivery to your facility. Best of all, our flexible ducting experts are ready to help you with your purchase. Are you just getting your project off the ground? Let our flexible hose specialists help educate you on the possibilities for your application, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Browse’s online catalog organized by the most popular industrial hose applications and hose materials. Within our complete line of flex hoses, we offer products designed for use in large-scale air ventilation systems such as the HVAC air ducts in large commercial and industrial buildings. We provide large diameter hoses that are custom made in length and in inside diameter sizes up to 60 inch! Our products are used in a bevy of applications such as: ventilation ducting, food grade hose, dust collection hose, portable AC hoses, fume exhaust hose, and street sweeper hose. Whether you are moving air, chemical fumes, abrasives, bulk materials, or high temperatures we have the right hose for your needs.'s line of flexible hose also includes many different types of hose materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, Teflon, Hypalon, Thermoplastic rubber, PVC, and more. By offering a diverse catalog of products, we strive to provide you with the most complete sampling of ducting products so that you can make an informed, cost conscious decision when shopping for industrial hose equipment.

Looking for specialized drain ducts or other flex hoses to handle solid waste? Our material handling hoses include a versatile selection of anti-static hoses, dryer ducts, dust collection hoses, suction hoses, and more. Our line of durable ducting products also includes those flex hoses designed specifically for use in high-temperature applications such as chimney ducts and furnaces, as well as abrasives transfer in street sweepers and car vacuums.

We know you're on a budget and we want to help! When you purchase a flexible hose from, you are getting a resilient product quickly and at an affordable price. By stocking and shipping every flex ducting product we sell, we are able to fulfill most orders in a timely manner and with great efficiency. On a tight schedule? Our flexible ducting products – and even our flex hose samples – are fulfilled and shipped faster than at any other company in the industry and at very affordable rates!, backed by Rubber-Cal’s impeccable attention to quality, offers warranties on all of our products to give you greater security with your purchase, and our in-house quality control is driven by our goal of providing quality customer service and shipping with every single order.

At, we guarantee you'll receive a superior level of customer service from our knowledgeable ducting experts with every call, email, purchase, or inquiry. While our site is designed to be easy to use and accessible, we are always happy to speak with you personally. We understand that picking the right ducting option for your unique needs can be a tedious and difficult process. Whether you are looking for ventilation ducting, food grade hose, dust collection hose, portable AC hoses, fume exhaust hose, street sweeper hose. We're here to help!

We guarantee you'll enjoy the experience provided to you by's unbeatable team of experts!

What’s New in January

How will 2015 be? Well the U.S. is set to add nearly 3 million jobs in 2014 — the biggest increase since 1999. The burst in job creation, expected to continue in 2015, is sure to fuel consumer spending. So, too, will a plunge in gasoline prices that’s given households extra cash to spare on other goods and services. The pickup in consumption in turn will entice businesses to hire and invest more to keep up with rising sales. The result: The U.S. is likely to grow more than 3% for the first time since 2005. At Rubber-Cal we believe that it is time to reinvest in equipment and machinery that has been getting overlooked since the start of the Great recession. Here are three flexible ducting options that are seasonally appropriate for a few industries.

“PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Clear” Duct Hose: This flexible PVC tubing is ideal for air movement and light material handling applications. This semi-clear reinforced hose is supported by a spring steel wire helix around its body. These general purpose hoses provide great flexibility with tight bending characteristics and offer good chemical and moisture resistance. This duct hose is great for applications that are budget-conscious, require flexibility, hoses in a varied sizes. We stock this hose in sizes ranging from 1.25” ID to 24” ID.

“SS-Flex 800” Stainless Steel Hose: If you have been looking for stainless steel ductwork, then look no further! The “SS-Flex 800” steel ducting hose is resilient to high and low temperature extremes making for a duct that can convey cold or ultra-hot media. This flexible high temperature hose has a temperature range of -400 degrees to +800 degrees Fahrenheit. Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion, staining, and benefits such as low maintenance, familiar luster make it an ideal material for many applications. This steel ductwork is also an aesthetic choice in commercial kitchens with exposed fume hoods. We stock this hose in sizes from 2” to 12” inside diameter.

“PE Flex Vaculoop” Vacuum Hose: This is a lightweight flexible ducting option that is made from lightweight polyethylene materials. It is the ideal hose for dust collection. The "PE Flex Vaculoop" flexible drain hose has a working temperature range from – 40 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will provide the user with a flex pipe that is useful for temperature ranges above ambient. This vacuum hose has excellent flow characteristics because of the smooth internal structure. We stock this flexible vacuum hose in 1.5” ID.

December 2014 updates

Although the very last month of the year is finally upon us, it is still not too late to take advantage of great special offers. Here at, we are offering select flexible hose products to you. The hoses on our monthly special can go a long way in helping make your ducting jobs easier. If you need good flexible ventilation ducting for the winter, then we have you covered!

Air Ventilator Black Flexible Ducting: This industrial ductwork is great for various types of air ducting and movement applications. It is made from a durable PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric, which is further reinforced by an external wear strip that prevents damage from external sources. It can also function comfortably in temperatures ranging between -20° F to 180° F. Using this hose is made even easier given that it has a 9 to 1 compression ratio, meaning that it can be transported around with ease.

PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Blue: If you have been looking for a flexible PVC duct that will stand out from other products in a given application, then consider this blue colored flexible hose. Made from lightweight PVC material, it is reinforced by a spring steel wire helix. One distinguishing feature about this hose, other than its blue color, is that it is listed as UL 94V-O flame retardant, meaning that it can be exposed to flames for a longer period of time than most other competing products.

Urethane Flex Dissipative Material Handling Hose: In case your December month has you doing some material handling work, then consider getting this material handling duct. This flex duct has excellent of abrasion resistance and a high level of tear strength. In other words, this is a tough hose. This hose comes in two different colors: clear and black. The unique thing about the clear version of this industrial ductwork is that it is made with FDA acceptable materials, making it perfect for food or pharmaceutical related applications.

November 2014 updates

As we all say goodbye to Halloween and October, we can also give a big welcome to November and the Thanksgiving holidays! With winter at the gates and fallen leaves all over the place, it is a great idea to invest in a good lawn hose. If you want to help keep your home a bit warmer in this cold season, we have a great chimney vent pipe for the job. Take a look at the specials we have going on for this month. Each hose is perfect for this time of year!

Urethane Flex Heavy-Duty Material Hose: This polyurethane hose is perfect for use as a leaf vacuum hose. These types of hoses are often put to use in material handling applications. It just so happens that this material handling hose is made of a heavy-duty and thicker version of polyurethane, making it ideal for physically demanding materials to pass through the interior of the hose. It will be able to handle all the November leaves on your lawn with ease! This item is available in both a black and clear color option.

Aluminum Flex 400 Hi-Temp Hoses: November is a cold month. The need for good heating becomes quickly apparent as temperatures across the country drop. If you have a chimney that needs a new chimney duct, then look no further than this aluminum chimney vent pipe. It can handle temperatures that reach as high as 400° F, which is very useful in any heating applications. It is a lightweight and easy to flex hose that really comes in handy during the winter season.

Smooth Tube PVC Flex Ducting: If you are looking for quality leaf and lawn vacuum hose, consider the Smooth Tube PVC Hose. This particular hose is made of a medium weight coextruded polyurethane film. It is also supported by an external PVC helix. A key feature of this ducting is its smooth interior which allows for a maximized degree of airflow. This can help prevent clogs that could hinder your application. It is also an attractive hose, with a clear body supported by black rings.