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"Neoprene Flex Conductive" Static Dissipative Hose

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SKU: 01-W172
$297.50 to $2,805.75
$297.50 to $2,805.75

Lead Time 4-6 Weeks

Product Description

The “Neoprene Flex Conductive” static dissipative hose is recommended for industrial air movement, fume control, dust control, and light bulk material handling applications. The flex ducting is made from double-ply, neoprene coated polyester fabric that has been coated with a conductive elastomer. Flexible ducts with higher conductivity help reduce the danger of static buildup by allowing any electrostatic buildup to escape. If the net charges grow faster than a material can dissipate them, an electrostatic charge builds up. The excess charge can suddenly neutralize by a flow of charges to the surroundings, known as an electrostatic discharge or static spark. By super-heating the surrounding air and causing it to rapidly expand, the discharge is both visible and audible.

The neoprene coating of the hose material offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and is designed for abrasives, air, dust fumes and other materials. Each commercial hose is reinforced with a spring steel wire helix for good crush resistance and tensile strength. This product can handle both positive and negative pressure, please refer to the hose specification sheet for test data on specific sizes. This static dissipative hose has a working temperature range of -40 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit.

This commercial hose product comes in a wide range of internal diameters from 1” to 24”. I.D. tolerances may vary depending on size; up to 8 Inches tolerances are -0.00 to + 0.125 inch and 8 inches and over from -0.00 to + 0.250 inches. The black flex ducting is sold in 25ft standard lengths. The flexible ducts have a plain cut end. End cuffs are available and would be quoted upon request. The high conductivity of the hose material makes for an outstanding hose for static control applications. For additional information or questions, please call one of our ducting specialists today.

Product Specifications

Construction:Double-ply neoprene coated black polyester fabric hose construction coated with a conductive elastomer reinforced with a spring steel wire helix.
Product Features:
  • Good crush resistance & tensile strength
  • Neoprene coating offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • More durable than double-ply cotton hoses
  • High conductivity reduces the danger of static build up and allows electrostatic buildup to escape when properly grounded
  • Surface Resistance Level: 103 to 105 Ohms/Square
Applications:Abrasives, Air, Dust, Fume, Materials.
Temperature Range:-40 F to +250 F
Sizes I.D. (inches):1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch I.D.
Custom size to 60 Inch I.D.
ID Tolerances:To 8 Inch: -0.00 to +0.125 Inch
8 Inch and over: -0.00 to +0.250 Inch
Standard Length:25 feet
Standard Colors:Black.
End Finish:Plain Cut (cuffs available).
Markets:Static Control

Volume Pricing

Pricing per Foot25 - 99 feet100 - 249 feet250 - 499 feet500+ feet
1" ID$11.90$10.35$9.81$8.92
1.25" ID$12.57$10.94$10.37$9.43
1.5" ID$14.29$12.43$11.79$10.72
2" ID$15.56$13.54$12.84$11.67
2.5" ID$17.05$14.84$14.07$12.79
3" ID$17.53$15.25$14.46$13.15
3.5" ID$18.85$16.40$15.55$14.14
4" ID$20.12$17.51$16.60$15.09
4.5" ID$20.90$18.18$17.24$15.68
5" ID$22.50$19.57$18.56$16.87
6" ID$24.24$21.09$20.00$18.18
7" ID$27.70$24.10$22.86$20.78
8" ID$30.93$26.91$25.52$23.20
10" ID$37.98$33.04$31.33$28.49
12" ID$46.27$40.26$38.18$34.71
14" ID$53.75$46.76$44.34$40.31
16" ID$60.88$52.96$50.22$45.66
18" ID$68.41$59.51$56.43$51.30
24" ID$112.23$97.64$92.59$84.17

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