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Flex Ducts

General Purposes Ducting

In the world of flex ducts, a general-purpose duct is a hose that can be used for several different types of applications involving air, fume, and materials transfer. They are intended for light to medium duty usage, not for industrial grade settings. A general-purpose flexible hose is a cost-effective product that allows for repeated efficient use. If you have a need for a flexible duct hose for an HVAC, dust removal, or fume extraction application, consider the following three products which fit into the general purpose hose category:

The Air Ventilator

This is one of the best air handling flex ducts available in our inventory. We have several different versions of the “Air Ventilator” hoses but they are all great flexible duct options for any general-purpose air movement applications, specifically those that involve the blowing of air. These hoses are made from a polyester fabric that is coated in PVC. The fabric is further reinforced by a spring wire helix that serves as the highly compressible “skeleton” of the hose’s body. The wire helix in this flexible duct hose contributes to the high compressibility for which the “Air Ventilator” series is known. Due to its lightweight and ease of transport, end users around the nation have found the “Air Ventilator” series to be the best for their general-purpose air applications. These flex ducts are available in color options such as black, yellow, white, and orange. There is even an insulated version of the “Air Ventilator” that is reinforced with a cotton barrier. You should choose the “Air Ventilator” ducts if you need a low cost hose for a blower, portable AC, or even a general HVAC system.

PVC Flexduct (General Purpose) Clear or Blue

As the name of this flexible duct hose indicates, it is designed for most types of general-purpose air, fume, and dust usage. Made from a lightweight PVC body and available in a clear or blue color option, this flexible duct is one of the most adaptable general purpose hoses for its low price point. This is a very flexible hose with a high bend radius, allowing it to be flexed and manipulated into tight corners. Better yet for the more mobile end user, these PVC flex ducts are compressible enough to allow for easy transportation from one job site to another. This is a good hose for most fume-related applications because the PVC material that makes up the hose wall is very resistant to chemicals. For materials-related applications, these general purpose hoses are better suited for the transfer of light particulate such as dust.

Thermoplastic-Flex Medium Duty WS

Made from durable thermoplastic rubber, these flex ducts are a great solution for any general purpose air, dust, fume, and materials applications. This abrasion-resistant hose is designed for those jobs that may be a little more physically demanding. Thanks to the rigid external wear-strip that spirals around the outside, this hose is better suited for being dragged across surfaces. In addition to its physical durability, this flexible duct can operate in situations involving elevated temperatures. If the application involves hot temperatures up to 275° F, then this flexible duct hose is suitable for the task. Despite its durable thermoplastic body, this hose exhibits a decent degree of flexibility, especially at smaller ID sizes. It is important to know that despite their flexibility, they are not compressible flex ducts.