Dust Collection Hose

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It is important to consider the type of environment where you plan on incorporating dust ducting, as those considerations will help you determine which exact kind of dust collection hose is best suited for your unique situation. For elevated temperature dust collection applications, we offer several metal ducting options. Our metal dust collector ductwork exhibit excellent resistance to abrasive materials and are also crush resistant. These products are also self-supporting, meaning that you can bend the dust collection hose in the direction that best suits your application’s demands and it will stay in place on its own. For the most demanding applications, our most abrasive dust collection hose products are our “Urethane Flex” hose products. Our urethane material handling hoses are ideal for their resistance to abrasive materials like woodchips and harsh chemicals. Urethane hoses are also available in a variety of grades (flame retardant, static dissipative), wall thicknesses, and colors (black and clear).

Flame retardant and static dissipative flex hoses are especially useful in industrial workshops where aluminum shavings, wood chips, and other flammable and fire-causing materials are present. For instance, should you be using dust collection hose to suck up wood shavings with a static disspative hose, you run the risk of static being generated as the metals rub over one another. This static can present a hazard to both machinery and personnel.

Less demanding applications call for our neoprene and thermoplastic rubber dust collector ductwork. A unique feature of our neoprene ducts is that they are offered with various ends such as, enlarged ends, funnel cuffs, and belted cuffs for additional ease of installation. While the neoprene hoses are versatile for use in a variety of applications, our thermoplastic dust collection hose products are a great cost effective option for light-duty applications like collecting fine dust. Both products are available with an exterior wear-strip that protects the hose for external wear. Wear strips are lengths of resistant material that are wrapped around the exterior of flexible ductwork to lend both extra strength and protective resistance to the exterior of the ductwork. This can be an invaluable feature that allows dust collection hose (as well as most other kinds of ducting, for that matter) to withstand more abuse, while ensuring a longer lifespan.

Dust collection hose is a critical component of many homes, offices, and work areas. Its uses are many, and it is easy to see why craftsmen, homeowners, and laborers throughout the world rely on it for their cleanliness and maintenance tasks. Above all, however, it is vital that you select the right type of flex ducting for your tasks, so view our online catalog of dust collection hose products today to see detailed descriptions, sizes, and photos of our products today. Our online catalog makes it easy for you to identify which of our dust ducting products best meets the demands your job requires. If you need assistance with your order, contact one of our ducting specialists today!